Gourmet food gift baskets Make Great Gifts Anytime

Kind Magnolia creates Gourmet food gift baskets for all your gift giving needs.

Every basket is hand crafted to celebrate your occasion and comes gift wrapped ready to give.

What you see is what you will get

We take extreme care in delivering to you the gift basket you purchase online based on the description and pictures. All of our food products are always fresh and substitutions will never be made without your consent.

Please, always remember, if there is something you cannot find on our site, give us a call and we can work with you and your budget to come up with a gift basket that you would surely be pleased with and one that your recipient would be delighted with.

Gourmet food gift baskets are so versatile as they make great gifts for thanking someone, showing your appreciation, congratulations, for fans of gourmet comfort food or especially for a person that you are not sure just what to give them.

Kind Magnolia is always updating our gift baskets and delight in finding new unique and tasteful items to include in our baskets.  We feature a wide variety of gourmet items.

Delicious chocolates that always soothe the soul, cheese and meats that will always please, an array of cookies for those cookie monsters, nuts, snacks and so much more.

Large Gourmet food gift baskets by Kind Magnolia"Large Gourmet food gift baskets by Kind Magnolia"

Kind Magnolia's Gourmet food gift baskets

Here is a list of some of the Gourmet food gift baskets we can make for you.

Gourmet chocolate gift baskets

Chocolate is always soothing.  Chocolate derives from a cocoa bean which is grown on a tree therefore making it a fruit.  So those who love chocolate you can always think of it as healthy treat as it does come from fruit. (Smile).  

Kind Magnolia features many different quality chocolates in our chocolate baskets to please almost anyone.  Whether it be chocolate bars, chocolate covered fruit, cookies, nuts, or caramels, truffles, and even some delectable European chocolates, your recipient will be in chocolate heaven. 

Gourmet coffee gift basket

To many of us Coffee does make us awesome.  It is the start of our morning when we smell that wonderful fragrance of coffee whether it be a french roast, or a flavored caramel or cinnamon.

Take it to go on your way to work or errands in your own  themed to go mug.  A latte or cappuccino is a great boost for others to have in the early afternoon with a delicious biscotti or cookie.

For some of us it is our own personal quiet time to enjoy a cup of coffee while we write in our journal or make some personal notes.

It is a time of friendship when we gather with some friends, sharing our coffee and treats and just enjoying each others company.   In the evening it can be enjoyed after a dinner along with some sweet treats or chocolates.  

Gourmet tea gift basket

In the early 19th Century Tea was considered a meal time.  Today it is also considered a break time.  It is a very soothing elixir that is enjoyed by many whether it be hot or cold.

There are so many varieties of tea and no matter what the flavor they are superb when accompanied with tea biscuits, cookies or some afternoon mints.

A great gift for a woman who loves tea and to give her a little R&R time. Enjoying her own lovely and special tea cup along with a pleasantly scented candle and other sweet treasures will certainly make her feel relaxed and thought of in a very caring way.

Gourmet Tea Gift Basket by Kind Magnolia"Gourmet Tea Gift Basket by Kind Magnolia"

New Gourmet food gift basket from Kind Magnolia


Tantalize their taste buds with a little bit of chocolate. 

1 Pkg Gourmet Chocolate Truffles
1 Pkg Godiva Chocolate Covered Cashews
2 Boxes Decadent Chocolate Cream Puffs
2 Boxes Chocolate Chip Cookies
2 Pkgs Sanders Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
1 Godiva Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bar
2 Ghirardelli Chocolate Caramels

Basket comes wrapped and ready to give.

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